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How it works?

06/03/2019 by Swell

Are you thinking of placing on a listing for renting your apartment, house or hotel room? – Great!
Here are some questions that you probably want to get answers to:


  1. How much? – How much will it cost me?

       –  while the platform is in test mode it will be absolutely FREE for you . In the future, we will take starting from 7% of the rental price.
From a guest, we will ask for a fixed fee of $ 15 (approximately 40 GEL) per booking (this will prevent booking “just in case” – as sometimes happens).

Who has already used “booking” or airbnb knows that it is more than two times cheaper.
Airbnb, however, takes mostly from guests, but the budget of the holidaymakers is not rubber, and this forces people to refuse offers that are “on the verge” of the planned budget.



       2.   How the payment will be made?

       – The lodger pays $ 15 online – by card or in any other way;
For accommodation, he pays you in cash on the place.



       3. How do I know that my accommodation is booked?

– If you place a listing on, you will have a personal account with an internal mailbox through which you can correspond with the client.
As soon as someone wants to book your accommodation in this mailbox will receive a request from the client with a description of everything he wants.

At the same time, your regular Email, which you have specified during registration will receive a message stating that you have received a reservation request.

You will only have to enter your personal account and confirm your agreement to book or refuse this client.
Before you decide something, you can correspond with him through your personal account, but this is up to you.


– I have to constantly check my Email – this is not very convenient!

– In the very near future it will be possible to receive all notifications via SMS, but perhaps it will cost a little money since a third-party service will be involved in this.



       4. I already use “booking” (or another booking system) – it will be difficult for me to track the “availability” of my accommodation and avoid “double-booking”

– firstly, you probably sometimes accept customers who do not come from “booking” – this is the same case.

Secondly, on our platform you can organize automatic synchronization with “booking” or another system. Do not know how? – We will help, it is very simple.



       5. I already use “booking” – everything suits me, why do I need something else?

– Well, firstly, we know that the price of the “booking” does not suit ANYONE – it is too high!

Secondly, there is a good saying – “the stock does not pull a pocket” 😄

And then, do you have many clients from Russia? – The Anti-monopoly Committee has become interested in “booking”’s work in Russia (the Russian lobby of tourist industry involved ). It is proposed to limit its activities in Russia – how everything will turns out is unknown, but the flow from “booking” may diminish …)))



Ready to start?



You have no experience with this kind of services and you are not sure how to proceed, read on…


       6. How can I post a listing? This is my first experience.

– Everything is very easy:

you register on the site, just like on most sites where you have ever registered

  1. at the top right, click “Register”
  2.  enter “Username” – whatever you like, but in ENGLISH font
  3.  enter your Email (messages will be sent to it)
  4.  invent your password
  5. confirm the password again
  6. check the “agree to terms” box (after reading it)
  7. and click “Create account”- only few actions that will take no more than 30 seconds)


       7. The account has been created and now under the “Username” and password you specified during registration, you login to your new personal account.

There is your menu on the left – the control panel and you can familiarize yourself by clicking on each section in turn.

You will have your own page with information about you that can be seen by any of your future clients or simply by the user who has visited the site. So do not be lazy and fill in the section “My profile” – add your photo – people want to see with whom they will communicate.

However, all of this can be filled later.



       8. Go to the “Add listing” section.

If by this time you have already prepared a description of your housing, photos, and pricing policy, it will take no more than a few minutes to complete.

The form consists of 7 pages. At the bottom of each page there is a button “Continue” or “Save” – click on it to save the information you entered on this page and go to the next.

There are required fields. They are either signed or listed above.
If you do not fill in some of them, the system will remind you with a red message and will not let you go further until you fill in all the required fields.
There are not many of them.

The remaining fields, if you do not know or are not sure what to put there, it is better to leave empty.



       9. Your listing will be moderated,

so all your wishes, additional information that you could not submit on your own, we will add – you just need to send it to us.

You can add on the form page “Description” in the field “Description of the object” all your wishes – we will edit everything and add the required additions.

Also, you can contact us through the “Send a message” form in the Contacts section or simply call us by phone +995 595 900 548.

If you have no experience with the Internet, don’t worry – we can do everything for you, send you the necessary information and tell you how to use it.
Just contact us.



       10. Your ad is added, published – you started working with our platform.

In your personal account, you can:

  • correspond with customers who want to book your accommodation,
  • see and manage the availability of your accommodation in the calendar,
  • manage prices.
  • You can assign different prices for different periods and dates of the season,
  • different prices for weekends and weekdays,
  • give discounts for early booking and so on.
  • If you have several places for rentals before your eyes there will be a “All in one calendar”, where you can see “available” and “booked” dates for all objects at once, which will undoubtedly help you manage your business.

Now everything depends on you and your property management policy.

We, on our part, will make every effort so that your work with us be seamless and that potential clients see your offers and come to contact you.

Join us!